Different Types of Animals

Animals are first divided into two groups, invertebrates which do not have backbones and vertebrates which have backbones. Vertebrates are further split into two groups the cold-blooded and the warm blooded. Let’s discuss more of the vertebrates. They are divided into five groups the mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fishes.


These are animals distinguished by them possessing mammary glands which assist them to feed the young one when they are young. Most of them give birth to the young ones; they possess the brains to think, though some of them lay eggs like the egg laying mammals the duck bill platypus. The human beings also fall under this class, the whales, cows, goats and many others. They are warm blooded hence they moderate or control the body temperatures. They contain true hair for providing the temperatures wherever they are hot or cold.


They are covered by feathers the whole body and scale at the legs. They have beaks which are adapted to the many ways each search for its food. They lay eggs which then hatches to the newborn, the eggs are covered by a hard shell, others are used as human food like hen eggs. They are warm blooded hence able to maintain their temperatures. They have four chambered heart also light weighted with the strong skeleton. They also possess wing for mobility though others are too heavy to fly like the ostrich and many others. Examples are hens, birds of the air, goose, flamingoes, kiwi, etc.


They are vertebrates. They begin their lives in water using gills as a means of breathing as time goes by they then develop lungs and also, they use their skin for the same. They are cold blooded animals. They inhabit a wide variety of places from fresh water to the land. They egg eggs which are then fertilized the hatches to the young ones externally. They contain scales; some also contain poisonous claws for protection against dangers. They include salamander, frog, and many others. They catch flies as their main food


Their bodies are covered by scales. They are vertebrates. Most of them are dangerous to human beings. They lay eggs which are then fertilized by the male externally. They are cold blooded. They are more similar to the birds, but some features distinguish them from them like the scales and feathers. Not all lay eggs, but some like the boa constrictor give birth to the young one. They include the crocodile, snake, lizard and much more.


These vertebrates who mostly or whole life spend in the water. They are covered by the grill and do not possess either legs or any other locomotive features, but they swim. Big fish use small ones as food while the small use the green plants in the water to feed. They lay eggs which are externally fertilized by the male to hatches the new ones. They are cold blooded.

This is the five classes of animals which are further divided into small subgroups for further division. Mammals take the largest percentage of all.


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