All About Penguins

Penguins may evoke thoughts of ice and polar regions, but there are many more things that you should know about them. Penguins belong to the group of aquatic animals and live exclusively in the snow-capped areas of Antarctica. Though, you can find them in other continents like Africa, South America and Australia. This unique black and white bird is primarily famed for its entertaining padding. Though they are considered to be in the group of birds, they are unable to fly like other birds. Penguins love to spend most of their time underwater and they are capable of swimming faster than any other birds in the world. Their unique look is known as countershading that saves them in the water. Their unique body shape and swimming excellence allows them to get rid of the grasp of predators like seals although, they find it to be a bit clumsy when they are on land.

There are around 17 species of penguins, and all of them are warm-blooded. They hold blubber that shields them against extreme cold. Their down feathers and emission of oil keeps their bodies waterproof while they hold a windproof system, which heats them up. When they feel that they would like to get some heat, all of them come out of the cold in a group. In some of the tropical regions where the temperature mounts a bit, they fluff their feathers to remain cool. The mother penguins store their eggs in particular fluffy and warm region of their bodies so that they stay protected from inclement weather.

They live near seas and this obviously accounts for their preference for eating squid and krill. An interesting fact about penguins is that there is a gland in their body, which provides them with salt free drinking water, and the moment they feel thirsty, they hydrate themselves with the pullover. Penguins usually create a nest near the shore and start living together with their mate. The initial bonding between two penguins is shaped by touching each other’s neck and smacking their flippers on their backs. They remain together as long as the female penguin gives birth to the chicks, and they identify each other by their voice.

When the eggs are laid, the father penguin takes care of everything while the mother penguin goes out to arrange food for babies. The female penguin returns within the next 14 days. In the meantime, the male penguin can arrange the food quickly and store them under their warm feathers. They recognize their chicks by their unique voice.

Just like professional swimmers, penguins love to dive into the water creating brilliant splashes. They love to play. The species in the snow are mostly seen lying on their bellies so that they can move faster. They can spend almost 75% of their lives in the water including hunting. Oil spills and sea pollution near coastlines often causes life threats for these penguins. In order to provide them a favorable space to live, proper initiatives are required to be implemented.



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